Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today I wish for:

Today I wish for:

- A magic fairy to wave her magic wand every morning to get Big J ready for school! There would be much less arguing and much less of mommy repeating herself. Put your shoes on please.....put your shoes on please.... put your shoes on please......

-A cup that magically refills whenever I need it with what ever I want. I guess I am lazy but when I am working I hate to stop to do things like refill my water or coffee or even use the bathroom. It is like when driving. Once I am on my way I do not want to stop until I get there.

-2 hours to just sit and work on my blog and read other blogs. Yes I am addicted. Every time my blackberry blinks its little red light at me I have to stop and check it no matter where I am or what I am doing. (OK maybe I should wish for 3 or 4 hours instead!)

-The strength to stay away from junk food, to remember to take the stairs and to ignore the little red blinking light! Honestly I am tired of using hair ties (because they are more comfortable then rubber bands) to hold my pants closed. See I refuse to purchase new pants to fit this "in between" body when I am determined to loose the baby weight and fit back into my pre baby clothes. The only thing I was willing to purchase was a new pair of jeans and that is because the "hair tie trick" was not working on my old pair.

-For my husband to find a job, I mean come on it has been over a year!! Nothing fancy needed, just enough to help pay the bills and maybe a little extra for a date night every once and awhile. I do not need the big house and all the toys, all I want is to live comfortably and not worry about when rent is due. Although since I am wishing and wishes should be big I would ask for him to get a grand job so that I can stay home with my Js.

- To lose the guilt and pain from the fact that I cannot stay home with Little J. Shortly after Big J was born we moved from SC to NC and it took me a year to find a job. This meant I was able to stay home with Big J for that time. With Little J I got exactly 6 weeks and I thought my heart would break when I had to leave her behind and go back to work!

I guess that is enough wishing for today. Stay tuned for some exciting things coming up in the land of Big J & Little J. Touch'd review and giveaway coming soon as well as another pending giveaway or two. Things are heating up over here.


  1. Some mighty big wishes. I just wish my husband did not have to have nasal surgery. I wish my son would stop getting sick every week. I wish a certain member of my family would decide whether or not they like me and stick with it!

  2. Lots of wishes...I hope that at least some of them can come true!

  3. A cup that magically refills with wine or coffee, depending on my mood and flies into my open right hand! FABULOUS !