Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Living Breathing Bucket List!

1. Travel to every state in the US at least once in my life. I would love to stay in every state but will be happy with touching my feet on the ground of every state.

2. Take a cruise with my family, hopefully this one happens soon!

3. Have a honeymoon (without the kids).

4. Host my 1st giveaway on my blog.

5. Win a new blog makeover from Simply Stacie and Kelly's Lucky You Build a Beautiful Blog Week. Yes I won!!!

6. Have a career in marketing with a focus on social media.
7. Get 200 followers on my blog.

8. Get 500 followers on my blog.

9. Get 1000 followers on my blog.

10. See Cavalia again, loved it so much!!

11. Take my daughters horse back riding.

12. Own a dog, of course not until my daughters are older and can help.

13. Lose 40 lbs

14. Learn to cook at least enough to feed my family more then boxed items.

15. Finish both my daughter's baby books.

16.  Renew my vows with my husband at the local Renaissance festival.

17. Own a home with a backyard.

18. Go to the circus.

19. Finally take the time to get both my daughters christened, yes I know one is almost 4 but all our family is out of state and we were really trying to get it done back in NH, but as you can see that has not happened.

20. Find the time to have a girl's night out without feeling guilty.

21. Find someone I trust to watch my children.

Please feel free to add you own and I will continue to add more.


  1. Oooh, I LOVE lists!

    I need to do some serious catching up on my 16 month old's baby book. I always thought I'd be SO on top of it, I'm SO Type-A...but, NO. I feel so guilty. Isn't that sad?

  2. I just posted my bucket list on the other day!! Glad to see another one!

    Let's see...we both want to see all 50 states - that's on my list too.

    I love your career goal, and would love to finish the kids baby books, but I know that will never happen...that's why I started the blog!

    Nice to meet you and I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

  3. Michelle - Not sad. My daughter is 4 and I feel guilty because she asks about her book when I got one for her sister as a gift.