Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

This is the first chance I have had to stop and post something. I never imagined having two children would be this challenging, but I would not trade either of my Js for the world!!! I really should be doing my homework since I have not had a chance to work on that either but the urge to blog is strong!! My husband was sick this weekend so I had the girls alone for most of the time. My Js are very demanding, Big J is still learning patience and then Little J loves to be held or at least talked to constantly!! Neither likes to nap either! Big J gave up naps at 2 which made mommy very sad, we do try and have "quiet time" which basically means she plays in her room for about 1-2 hours. Of course getting Little J to sleep at that time has about a 20% success rate!

The hardest thing is that I know Big J needs to go outside and get rid of her energy, but her so called friends from the apartment were not out today for her to play with. I say so called because lately it seems that they want nothing to do with her unless she brings her Tricycle with her. It really irks me but she is still too young to notice and it makes her so happy to have friends. Today I took them outside and Little J sat in the stroller while Big J and I played with chalk and rode her Tricycle.  She had so much fun and I made sure she ran and ran as much as possible to get some exercise. Of course when you are almost 4 you have enough energy for 20 people!

Well I really need to work on my homework. I cannot wait until school is over and then when it is I will miss having to do homework, well really the learning part! I also have some reviews and a couple giveaways I need to be working on. Oh how I wish I did not have to work!

Exciting news though.... my husband got a job!!! (see my wishes post!) I am so excited and happy for him, he really needs this and it is a job he really wanted. He also gets to work from home which is a great benefit!! Love it and glad that God is looking out for us!!!

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