Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekend of the J's

This was a J weekend with Mommy working hard to let the girls (ok mostly Big J) have a great time. Saturday was her very first playdate!!! OMG where does the time go?

We had to leave the house since Daddy was working and it is hard for him to listen (he is in training) with Big J bugging him every 5 seconds, so around 9:30am we venture out into the awful heat to T's house. T is a boy from her school who she loves; her class is almost all boys. They ran around together for awhile and then we went to the neighbors house to swim in their pool. Little J and I hung out in the shade while everyone else swam. Big J was scared at first but by the time she got out she was a swimming pro. She had on one of those swimming vest and goggles and there was no stopping her.

Around 2pm I went home to get Daddy so that he could join us. We then went back for more swimming until around 5pm. Of course I could not find a single bathing suit to wear. I have 3 and they have all vanished into thin air. My husband thinks I hid them so I could get a new one, yeah because I really want to go swimsuit shopping 4 months after having a baby. My idea of a great time, since I have not lost a pound! I think I actually gained and I hate it!

I want to be able to wear clothes again, with a rubber band holding my pants together. None of my shirts fit either since my breasts are so big! But I would not trade my Little J for the world!

Sunday we ventured to Ikea and let Big J play in the play area. 5 mins after I dropped her off and went looking for Daddy and Little J the buzzer (they give you a buzzer like at a restaurant) went off so I had to turn around and go back. When I got there she decided she was ok and wanted to play some more. I guess she was helping Mommy get her exercise!

All in all, minus the heat and humidity it was a great weekend. Now if I could just have a day off to take a nap!

Kids Say the Darndest Things

- I still love you - This is Big J's new thing, as if I have done something wrong. Even when I am upset at her for not listening she says I still love you. I always feel like I have been bad.

- That's a lot of Rice! I know! - Ever seen the Staples commercial were the guy is yelling about a low price? Well for some reason Big J is convinced that he is talking about Rice. It is so funny! (For those followers who read the post about this before, I can't help it she is so funny when she says it!)

-You can leave Little J here alone, she won't mind  - I have yet to convince Big J that we cannot just leave her little sister wherever we want and that she can not be alone.

- Mommy You Proud of Me? -  She was such a good swimmer in the pool that we were saying we were so proud of her, and now she won't stop asking me!

- I need a desk so I can color - Said at Ikea when we were getting a new (HUGE) desk for my husband and I. We needed one that will fit 3 computers (his, mine and his work one) and then we had to include space for Big J to color!

Kids sure say the funniest things, What has your child said that just made you stop and laugh?


  1. I love Ikea. I've been trying to convince my husband to go for weeks, but for some reason he doesn't want to. You think it has anything to do with the staggering amount of money I always manage to spend there?

  2. I am think yes! That is why we are not allowed to go for at least 6 months! This is our second trip in 2 months!

  3. I love the rice comment! I can see how a kid may interpret it to think that's what is being said. Kids do, indeed, say the darndest things.
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