Monday, June 21, 2010

Mac & Cheese

All day I have been thinking about what to blog about since I am way overdo for a post, but I am so tired that nothing was coming to mind. Then suddenly I decided to talk about Mac & Cheese.

Yes Mac & Cheese.

Lovely Mac & Cheese in the blue box that you can get for under a buck. Ok maybe the store brand

So why would any mother in her right mind go out to eat and pay $5.00 for a kids meal made with boxed Mac & Cheese??? Did I just pay $4.00 for you to make it, serve it and throw some applesauce on the side?

I know she is only 4 (or close enough) and did not seem to care, but I did!! I could have made her the Mac & Cheese from the box, spooned up some applesauce and saved a couple bucks. Not to mention it is much easier to keep the leftovers. Mind you the leftovers from the restaurant dinner ended up staying there and it was most of the meal.

Is it so hard to make a simply Mac & Cheese dish for children? Do they not deserve real food when they go out? It is pretty much the same effort as making the kind from the box! So I have decided to boycott all restaurants that serve good adult food and expensive crappy kids food from a box!!!

It also did not help that the bite I took was ice cold and I had to stir up the BOXED Mac & Cheese in order to make it an ok temperature to eat. Then my hubby's food (which this happened to be his Father's day dinner) was overcooked, nothing like well done steak when you ask for medium rare! Add to that my sweet potato fries and vegetables were cold too.

What happened to the days where going to a restaurant was relaxing? Where you got good quality food (no matter what your age) in a timely fashion and done the way you wanted? Where your server acknowledged you and did not make you wait forever?

Don't get me wrong I know what it can be like during the busy time, but this was a Monday at 6:30 and the restaurant was clearly not that busy. Less then 1/2 was filled. I worked as a hostess for over  year so I have seen what servers go through, but there is no excuse for indifference!

Who knew Mac & Cheese could stir so much emotion and finally give me something to write about this week.!

On another note I really need to create an easier way for people to enter my giveaways. I have another one coming up and a few more in the works. My first one which ends tonight only has 7 comments. Any advice on what I can do better next time?

Thanks for listening!

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  1. The sad thing is the kids would prefer the crappy kids meal from the box, or at least that is my experience with it!